Ultrasound Measurement

With each measurement, there is a precise and direct digital sound pulse transit time flow determination of lung function. Every system, every examination result – always the same accuracy and precision.

GANSHORN Principle

Two diagonally opposite ultrasound transducers alternately send and receive ultrasonic waves. Without any air flow inside the breathing insert, the transit time of the ultrasound waves is the same in both directions.

Any air flow inside the insert will accelerate the waves in one direction and decelerate in the other. The difference between the transit times of the ultrasonic waves allows to calculate the flow.
Flow and gas density are calculated from the measured transit times, allowing changes in the concentration of the exhaled gases to be determined directly and at the same time with the respiratory volume.

All other factors (gas properties, humidity and temperature) are the same for both directions and cancel each other out.


No detours

  • No substitute parameters for flow necessary (e.g. differential pressure)
  • Direct flow measurement based on digital measurement technology
  • High measuring resolution with 1,000 single measuring points per second – developed and patented by GANSHORN


  • less time-consuming in daily work
  • No faulty measurements due to incorrectly calibrated or uncalibrated pneumotachs

Stable basis

  • High resolution (1,000 measuring points/sec) is a prerequisite for reliable determination of flow and all derived parameters in bodyplethysmographic measurements
  • No noticeable resistance during breathing – helpful for respiratory restrictions

Independent of humidity and temperature

  • Not affected by changing ambient conditions or humidity of breathing air
  • Immediately ready for use after cleaning – no long drying time

Easy cleaning

  • No moving parts or inaccessible corners
  • Breathing insert is made of one piece and can be replaced quickly and easily
  • Suitable for disposable or permanent breathing insert

Reliable and durable

  • Robust thanks to solid construction
  • Designed without moving or sensitive parts