PFT filter series
Contemporary and highly efficient virus and bacteria filter

The filter for GANSHORN devices

The experience of recent years with strained supply chains has shown how important it is to rely on local production and internal value creation. In order to be independent of suppliers in the future and to be able to supply our customers without interruption, GANSHORN has decided to develop an own PFT filter.
The SpiroDef contains a filter fleece matching highest quality standards. It provides an effective mechanical barrier for aerosols. This reliably filters aerosols, bacteria and viruses what prevents cross-contamination. The SpiroDef allows a clean, economical workflow and convinces with an ergonomic mouthpiece. The extra compact filter saves not only space, but also minimizes the use of plastic and thus reduces waste.
Spirodef PFT filter usage with SpiroScout

Advantages of the SpiroDef

Integrated mouthpiece

Saving on additional components

Tight seal around the lips

For exact results

Compact for space

Saving storage

Ergonomic shape

Oval design

Climate-neutral production

Through compensation

SpiroDef variants

You can apply a SpiroDef filter to the front (SpiroDef mouthpiece) or you can order a back side mounted variant (SpiroDef ScoutTube) in combination with a ScoutTube breathing tube.

The filter is optimally adapted to GANSHORN devices. So the added resistance of the filter is taken into account when measuring and showing final results in the software LFX. Furthermore it fits on all GANSHORN devices like PowerCube Body+, SpiroScout, PowerCube Diffusion+ or tremoflo®.



(Drawing 1) Mouthpiece Variant
(Drawing 2) ScoutTube Variant

Protective membrane

The fleece inside the SpiroDef is covered with a protective membrane that prevents fibers from detaching from it. The fleece is firmly connected and under tension in the housing. Many other products on the market do not have a protective cover, therefore the loose fibers may become a problem if they enter the patient’s airways or block up the spirometer.