Diffusion system
The first with ultrasound technology

Diffusion and distribution disturbance in one measurement

GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+ is the first diffusion system on the market that uses ultrasound technology. Its long-life sensor technology is based on a GANSHORN innovation and requires no maintenance. In addition, the high-speed sensor allows the user to change the ejection and withdrawal volume to measure patients up to 0.5 l VC.

GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+ combines calibration-free ultrasound sensors with the gas sensors specially developed for fast diffusion analysis, they form the basis for meaningful measurements. Precise analyzers enable the high-resolution display of wash-in curves for CO and helium. Diffusion and distribution disturbances thus become easily visible. The CO diffusion system with demand valve used is economical in sample gas consumption, enabling economical and effective operation.

For a reliable evaluation of the diffusion capacity, PowerCube Diffusion+ determines the TLCO (carbon monoxide transfer factor) and helium FRC SB (ERS/ATS standards) . In addition, the exhaled concentration of CO and helium is continuously displayed, allowing precise discrimination of dead space and alveolar plateau.

Advantages of the PowerCube Diffusion+

Highly accurate and precise flow sensor

Easy to use

Maintenance free

Fast semi-automatic gas calibration

Spare part free

Spare part free

Low operational costs

Ultrasound technology

The heart of GANSHORN diagnostic systems
is its ultrasound sensor.

SpiroScout, PowerCube Body+ as well as the PowerCube Diffusion+ are based on GANSHORN ultrasound technology. So every measurement comes with precise and direct digital sound pulse transit-time flow determination of lung function. Every system, every session result, always the same accuracy and precision.


Intelligent Demand Valve (IDV)
Physical high pressure; volume controlled; IDV optimizes gas consumption and reduces cost per test

PowerCube Diffusion+ cable connection

Powerful software
User-friendly and intuitive
LFX software

3D swivel arm
Flexible, height-adjustable interface that also allows tests to be performed outside the cabin

Breathing in real time
Test is performed without breath holding, patient must exhale very slowly

  • Fast semi-automatic gas calibration
  • Real-time molar mass
  • helium analyzer
  • immediate diffisuion results
  • Gas analysis by long-life real-time analyzers with only one gas cylinder (CO, He)
  • Maintenance and spare parts free
  • Breathing bag free – gas uptake is regulated and waste is eliminated
  • ATS/ERS guidelines – Fully compliant with gold standards
  • Easy to use – change mouthpiece and go
PowerCube Diffusion+_label


PowerCube Diffusion+

Sitting workstation (standard)


Height adjustable standing workstation

For use in PowerCube Body+

Software platform

The LFX software is the GANSHORN user-friendly interface, developed with the physiologist in mind. It provides all tools necessary to perform every task done in the laboratory, while remaining easy to operate. Built on state-of-the-art Windows tools like .Net, C# and SQL database, the software is the future of modern respiratory diagnostics. LFX has built-in quality control monitoring based on ATS/ERS guidelines, which are accessible during and after the measurements are performed.

Programs and options

Programs Standard Optional
Multiuser licence
Programs/Features Standard Optional
Slow spirometry
Forced spirometry
FRC -Nitrogen washout