Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

The user-friendly and highly reliable system for spiro-ergometry

Whether for differential diagnosis or for medically validated care of athletes: Spiro-ergometry has become an indispensable procedure for cardio-pulmonary function diagnostics. The GANSHORN PowerCube Ergo System provides detailed information for diagnosis, therapy or training support. The pneumotachograph with variable aperture is lightweight and insensitive to wetness. The fast, highly stable gas analyzers allow proper breath-by-breath measurements. The user interface can be freely configured for measurement and interpretation.

Advantages of PowerCube Ergo

  • Standard system with spirometry/flow-volume, MVV and “ErgoCheck” software for your result validation
  • Overview display of 9-field graphic according to Wasserman – also online during measurement
  • Aerobic and individual anaerobic threshold determination automatically via predefined method (V-Slope, CO2-Excess, EQO2 Minimum, RQ=1) or manually in the graphs
  • Suitable for both medical diagnostics with fast and reliable results, as well as professional support of athletes to optimize training plans and monitor performance development
  • Ultra-fast, long-life CO2 sensor
  • O2 sensor can be changed within a minute and without a technician
  • Gold Standard: compliance with ATS recommendations
    9-panel Aquarius chart or custom composition
  • Automatic determination of anaerobic threshold according to preset method or manually
  • 12-channel ECG
    Use a complete 12-lead stress ECG or a heart rate monitor when exercising
  • Non-invasive measurement
    The only non-invasive method for measuring cardiac output
  • Patient Management
    Easy patient management throught shared database with other GANSHORN products or throught full integration with SCHILLER SEMA

Programs and Options

Programs Standard Optional
SQL Database
Reports generable
Multiuser licence
User Predicted Values
Programs/Features Standard Optional
Flow volume
Slow spirometry
12-channel stress ECG
Cardiac output time
Polar pulse belt
Blood pressure measurement
LFSport evaluation software