Broncho provocations for inhalation provocation tests

Perform inhalation provocation tests exceptionally fast and with reproducible results

Provo.X is a measuring station independent aerosol dosimeter developed by GANSHORN, which can perform specific or non-specific provocations within seconds. Due to the threshold-controlled and breath-synchronous application of the specified aerosol dose at the beginning of the inspiration phase, the results are optimally reproducible.

The optimal user guidance and simple handling of Provo.X makes the daily work easier for the staff. The most common protocols such as ATS or DGP are already installed. The aerosol dosimeter can store an unlimited number of
protocols with up to 14 levels each. The dose per stage can be changed by increasing the provocation liquid concentration and/or by changing the total atomization time.

The rear-vented special valve directly on the nebulizer and the large compressed air tank guarantee an optimal droplet size that remains constant over the entire bolus time. Furthermore, the individual adjustment of the nebulization time allows the use of only one aerosol concentration in many cases.



  • Individual dosage of the provocation material
  • Individually adjustable nebulization time
  • User-friendly LFX software

Energy saving: The ultrasound sensor automatically turns off if no measurement is taken for a defined time.

Capnovolumetry available: It is possible to perform a CO2 analysis of the exhaled air.




Powerful compressor

The compressor with a three-liter compressed air tank guarantees stable atomization pressure and low noise level (operating time of only about 1-3 minutes per day).


Optimal hygiene solution

All components of Provo.X that can be contaminated are designed for single use and do not need to be sterilized. This saves time and makes the Provo.X the only device on the market with a perfect hygienic solution.

Procedure of Provo.X provocation test

After the set threshold is exceeded, Provo.X starts nebulizing the respective provocation substance, which reaches the airways particularly deeply due to nebulization only during the inhalation phase (so-called “bolus method”).

Breath by breath, Provo.X monitors the desired total dose and adapts the nebulization time to short breathing cycles. The total nebulization amount per stage and provocation series is calculated automatically. Only a minimal amount of aerosol is exhaled, which is almost completely retained by a highly effective filter. There is no contamination of the room air.

The powerful compressor with a three-liter compressed air tank guarantees stable atomization pressure and low noise level. Due to the sophisticated design, all contamination-prone components of the Provo.X are intended for single use and can be replaced.


Provo.X mit Haltearm

Stand-alone option with support arm and clamp for flexible mounting


Provo.X for installation in PowerCube Body+