FeNO measurements for professionals

An ergonomic and maintenance-free FeNO measurement device for practices and clinics

FeNO measurement provides reliable information of the fractional nitric oxide in the exhaled air. In this way, inflammation can be measured easy and quickly and without much effort from the patient.

The Vivatmo pro was specially developed for professional use. Thanks to its simple measurement procedure and intuitive operation, it can be smoothly integrated into the workflow of professional practices. Both doctors and patients benefit from more efficient patient care.

  • smart and ergonomic design
  • „„leightweight and wireless handheld
  • „„bluetooth connection with base station
  • „„touchscreen enables interaction, controlling and monitoring
  • „„inductive battery charger
  • „„supports HL7 interface
  • „„adjusted to high measurement frequency
  • „„easy handling due to intelligent user guidance

Simple and intuitive use

  • Ergonomically shaped mouthpiece for safe
    lip closure
  • Exhalation with a slight counter pressure that is clearly shown on the display

“Intelligent” mouthpiece

  • Protection against cross contamination
  • Dehumidification of the sample
  • Conversion of NO into measured equivalent NO2

Innovative measurement technology

  • High specificity
  • algorithm enables determination of measured values in the “billionths range” (ppb)


  • Measurement process is visually guided
  • Clear display of the measured values