lung function diagnostics.

GANSHORN has been producing high-quality, intuitively operated measuring devices for the entire spectrum of lung function diagnostics for almost 40 years. 

Innovative medical technology from Germany. For over 40 years.
With the development of the SpiroScout, a spirometer based on a calibration-free, highly accurate ultrasonic flow sensor, GANSHORN opens up new horizons: simultaneous flow, temperature and gas measurements without any noticeable flow resistance for the patient. Based on this, GANSHORN offers its customers state-of-the-art solutions for body plethysmography, CO diffusion, ergospirometry and much more.

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The GANSHORN spirometer SpiroScout is a complete lung function laboratory based on the GANSHORN ultrasound flow measurement method. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.
  • The first step for a quick and reliable diagnosis of asthma, COPD and other lung diseases.
  • The SpiroScout is the world’s first and only spirometer to measure flow and gas concentration at the same time.
  • Allows statements about flow, volume and respiratory gas parameters with a single measurement
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PowerCube Diffusion+

Diffusion and distribution disturbance in one measurement

  • The GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+ combines calibration-free ultrasonic sensors with gas sensors specially developed for fast diffusion analysis, as they form the basis for meaningful measurements.
  • The sensor technology is durable and requires no maintenance.
  • Ejection and withdrawal volume is changeable, so it can measure patients up to 0.5L VC.

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PowerCube Ergo

The user-friendly and highly reliable system for ergospirometry
  • Whether for differential diagnostics or for the medically secured care of athletes: Ergospirometry has become an indispensable method for cardio-pulmonary function diagnostics
  • The GANSHORN PowerCube Ergo System provides detailed information on diagnosis, therapy or training support

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The new generation of medical software - Made by GANSHORN

Efficiency, precision, high quality, user-friendliness: GANSHORN uses its almost 40 years of experience in lung function diagnostics to develop software that makes it easy to diagnose patients.

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The Provo.X is a measuring station-independent aerosol dosimeter developed by GANSHORN that can carry out specific or non-specific provocations in a matter of seconds.

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Reliable, safe and easy to use filter for pulmonary function diagnostics.

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