The first with ultrasound technology

Robustness and quality first.

GANSHORN PowerCube Body+ represents 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art lung-function diagnostic equipment.

Already with the forerunner of the current series, in 2011 many pioneering and innovative features, such as ultrasound technology, were introduced into the market, which is why nowadays the PowerCube Body+ represents the most experience and quality. Users can configure the PowerCube Body+ hardware and LFX software to meet their specific requirements and preferences.

Advantages of the PowerCube Body+

Long life, robust hardware

Spare part free

Spare part free

Full flexibility, various options

Powerful, intuitive LFX software

Lowest costs per test in industry

Ultrasound technology

The heart of GANSHORN diagnostic systems
is its ultrasound sensor.

SpiroScout, PowerCube Body+ as well as the PowerCube Diffusion+ are based on GANSHORN ultrasound technology. So every measurement comes with precise and direct digital sound pulse transit-time flow determination of lung function. Every system, every session result, always the same accuracy and precision.

Software platform

The LFX software is the GANSHORN user-friendly interface, developed with the physiologist in mind. It provides all tools necessary to perform every task done in the laboratory, while remaining easy to operate. Built on state-of-the-art Windows tools like .Net, C# and SQL database, the software is the future of modern respiratory diagnostics. LFX has built-in quality control monitoring based on ATS/ERS guidelines, which are accessible during and after the measurements are performed.


Electromagnetic door lock
with LED lock indicator

Patient speaker & microphone
for optimal communication

“Safety unlock button”
gives patients sense of control

3D swivel arm
Flexible and height-adjustable, enables measurements even outside the booth

Maxium comfort
Panorama view and

Multiple options
Easy integration of diffusion and/or provocation


Programs and Features

Programs Standard Optional
SQL Database
Reports generable
Multiuser licence
Programs/Features Standard Optional
Airway resistance
Slow spirometry
Forced spirometry
FRC - Nitrogen washout
Real-time breathing